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Top 8 bridal make up trends


There are a ton of things that the bride has to worry about; from minuscule to colossal; everything has to be perfect because we intend to marry just once, right? I mean the gown, the jewelry, the footwear, everything should be chosen to perfection. And besides this, another very important factor that is crucial for the perfect look would be the make-up.

We all know that with the right kind of make-up that compliments the wedding dress, the jewelry and also accentuates your natural features can completely transform your look and turn you into a gorgeous 10.

So, let me just tell you some of the amazing bridal makeup trends that’ll make you the most beautiful bride on your big day.   


The Padmavat makeup trend

We know that a lot of bridal makeup trends are inspired by celebrity looks and I call this look ‘The Padmavat’ for a reason. See, this look was here before this movie arrived (with the gorgeous Deepika Padukone), but the movie just plummeted this look into the spotlight. If you haven’t guessed what trend I am talking about the bold brows with a natural look and nude lipstick.

When we hear the words “bridal makeup”, an image of a bride with intense makeup comes to mind. But this is what the new brides are opting for. This looks amazing when you are wearing the big chunky chokers and this helps balance the features and bring out the bride’s natural beauty.

The brides also opt for a ‘no-makeup look’. The ‘no makeup look’ actually is a kind of makeup look where you just use nude makeup like nude shades of eye makeup and lipstick. This too is in demand as it does not look cakey. It accentuates your pretty face while allowing it to breathe.

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Smoke But Make It Less Black

Who doesn’t love a good smokey eye makeup? The extra drama it brings to your eyes and overall look is a thing that makes it so desirable. But the consistent shade of black smokey eye has made it a bit monotonous. So what we do is we switch the regular black with interesting shades like browns and grays and uplift the look by using glitter. I mean you cannot go wrong with this effect. And if you love the drama and highlight it brings, then it’s definitely for you.

A simple example of such a combination would be a play of dark brown and gold or charcoal grey with silver. Oh! How pretty!

Crop stylish model with makeup near wall

Little Dew Drops

If you’ve looked at as many tik-tok makeup tutorials as I have, then you know that the dewy-skin makeup is the new star and for a good reason. It gives your skin that unreal glow. The matte looks that used a load of contouring are just not what the new brides want. A simple base with liquid highlighters mixed into foundation can give you the glow you always wanted and make you look like the sea at golden hour, beautiful!


Close -up Photo of Woman With Pink Lipstick Holding Purple Flowers


Lips Don’t Lie

The lip color you opt for can make or ruin your look. So we should make that decision wisely.

If you want to go for a traditional and classic look, a bold red would be the one to go for. The red lip does wonders when paired with glitter makeup and if your wedding lehenga, too, is traditional red.

If red is just a bit common for you and you need to try something different, why not go with the other palette of colors. You can decide on a more bright and vivid colored lip color. Of the top of my head, magenta pink, wine maroon, mauve, and subtle brown are some shades that are a must try.

The dark and vivid lipsticks paired with pop and neon makeup brings a warm glow. Some more colors like blood orange and chocolate brown, as unconventional as they sound, pair perfectly with a beige lehenga.

Fashionable young woman adjusting sunglasses on street


Pastel Eyed

If you are having a day time function, the more intelligent choice would be doing a pastel-colored eye shadow. A colorful range of pastel shades like pinks and blues paired with neon shade eyeliners are just the thing when you want to look like a flower on a sunny day. And the pastel makeup with the pastel-shaded lehenga is a bride’s dream.

Woman Putting on Lipstick

Easy On The Contour, Hard On The Blush

If you’ve been living under a rock, let me just tell you, we don’t die after the contouring anymore. Blush is the new contour. So we just go extra with the blush. Now for face- scalping we use bronzers, instead of crème contouring sticks. The bronzers help in accentuating the cheekbones and forehead and around the nose a bit. This creates shadows where required and makes you look *chef’s kiss*.


Does It Even Matte

Portrait of Woman

As much you want to deny, the matte trend isn’t going anywhere. This is also a good look for daytime functions. Also, the matte eye shadows look good either you are doing a heavy smokey makeup or a calmer nude matte look. If you are not a fan of translucent makeup or the glam glitter, then this is the one for you.



Besides makeup, a few things help uplift your look.

A simple yet effective accessory is the dramatic false lashes. Other than being on the top of the trends charts, they also help to effectively level up your eye makeup. A definite thing to try.

Another accessory high on the list would be color contacts. These, when the right ones used, enhance the look and are what more and more brides are opting for.

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Woman Wearing Dress

So, this is it. I hope this helps you a little and clears your head to choose the best option for you. All the best! Visit Express Event Station for more information.