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Awards are important to boost confidence and appreciate the individuals that have performed outstandingly in their jobs. It helps boost productivity and is a great PR tool. But a lot goes in planning an award show that is astoundingly good and memorable. It requires a lot of careful planning and effort.

Here is a step by step guide that’ll tell you how to organize a corporate award ceremony.

Make A Brief Of The Ceremony

The reason behind making a brief is to highlight the purpose and main points of the event. The award show could be to raise funds or show appreciation for the employees. In any case, knowing the purpose of the ceremony helps to plan the event better. 

Briefing for an award show don’t forget to include the category of awards, the nominations and the reason behind them, the awards that’ll be presented and the date for the same. This helps give an outline of what steps to take next and give a direction to your planning.

Select A Theme For The Ceremony

As we know, all events shine more when given a specific theme and awards ceremonies don’t shy away from that. If you give it a theme that is glamorous and fits the tone perfectly while making a promise of an evening well spent, people will be intrigued and naturally you’ll get more participants.

Decide A Budget

Deciding a budget is a key step in planning all events, let alone award ceremonies. We should keep in mind the sponsorships, if any; we have for the event and the donations that will be given for the same. A budget also depends hugely if the entry is ticketed or free. If it’s free, we need to determine a higher budget.

Select A Venue

Awards ceremonies, aside from being an appreciative effort, are also huge gatherings so selecting a nice venue is of prime importance. Usually the venue is hotel banquets or big halls that can accommodate a nice stage and the audience as well as the equipment.

Make A Floor Plan

We know that people in the awards ceremonies sit the entire event mostly, especially if they aren’t participating somehow. So, it’s necessary to plan a sitting arrangement that doesn’t crowd the venue. Also the nominees should be seated as such that they can move and get to the stage easily when called to receive the award.

Stage Design And Tech Support

Stage design is really important as everyone will be seated facing towards the stage. You should consider enough stage space for movement and also give preference to the position of the podium.

Another important factor that comes in play is the tech support for the event. This includes the sound, camera, lights and all. The microphones, the spotlight, the lighting systems, the best suitable camera positions and everything need to be handled by experts without err. These are important details for the event.

Select A Playlist

We all have seen award shows on TV and have seen that  when receiving or giving awards, it is nice if an upbeat or motivating song or nice tunes are playing in the background. So considering a nice playlist for this purpose is a good idea.

Engage With A Good Host, Select Speakers And Jury

A good host can put life in the show and is really important for audience engagement thus, an experienced person should be hired for this job.

Also, selection of speakers that’ll give the awards is important. They should be experts in the category, this way their giving and announcing of awards will be meaningful.

The decision of who’ll get the award is made by a jury so selecting qualified experts is really important to make the awards successful and make sure that the deserving gets the awards.

Arrange Entertainment For The Evening

Not all the people included in the ceremony will be participating in the ceremony so it’s important to arrange entertainment for the show so all the people present enjoy the show and not feel left out. You can arrange live bands, comedians or other performers to make it a fun and memorable event for everyone.

Include Snacks

Snacks and refreshments shouldn’t be overlooked for the event. If its not a dinner event still some refreshments should be arranged to sit the ceremony through. Also never forget to keep water bottles on all tables.

Create A Program And Never Forget To Rehearse

Creating a program for the award function helps you give a sequence of events. This’ll help you to plan when the awards must be given, the time of calling the speakers, the time of performances and overall time span for the program.

Also, it is good to rehearse the event so as to see the theorized planning and removing errs and risks that one doesn’t take into account while planning. This ensures a smooth flow of things, not to mention gives a sense of confidence.

Promote The Event

Promoting the event should be done ahead of time to ensure maximum participation. Hyping up the event is important and leads to more people attending the event. This part is crucial if you are selling tickets. People will pay up only if they see that the event is interesting.


So these are the steps that you should follow to organize a corporate awards ceremony. I think I did a pretty good job. So now go and organize that show. I'll be there on time to receive my ‘Best Person In The World’. Thank you for this honor.


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