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With your wedding justfew miles away, it is time to get your mind together and start screaming with excitement. But before the main celebration we got to tackle the mehendi party first. Since my sister’s mehendi had just been imprinted on the albums last month, I can lend you some ideas for making the day memorable. 

Right by the Shade

As my sister is a huge fan of breezy beaches, we decided to hold the ceremony in our backyard where we had a pool and canopy of trees. To be exact it was at the comfort of our house and since everyone knew the address, invitation was not hard. Cushions and fabrics (where the mehendi ceremony for the bride was held) were decorated under the natural shades of trees. We also had a hammock tied for the bride and surprisingly it enhanced the aesthetics.

Twins for the Day

There are no hard and fast rules to wear lehengas or any ethnic dress per se. So we opted to have a maxi, off-shoulder dress with lace work for the bride. My sister suggested me to wear a loose fitting jumpsuit along with her from the same fabrics. Since we specified the theme in the invitation, the guests coordinated with the theme too. It was overall a vibe-ing experience. 

Nature in Menu

To keep up with the ongoing theme we decided to add a complete seafood menu . Definitely we did not ignore the fact that seafood is not the preference of every people, so we had vegetarian and also posh protein cuisines too. Since seafood was the star dish, a seafood mountain was created for art of beauty, we booked the best caters in town with the help of Express Event Station .

Bartender at your Service

Having a professional bartender at your installed bar stall can change the story completely. We initially had only a few drinks in mind but after hiring a bartender at the last minute showed an improvement in our then boring menu. He had many tropical cocktails at his finger tips and also he created new drinks as per the requests of the guests. 

Dad, I hired a nail artist!!!

Within our custom made invitation, we let our guest know that we had a professional nail artist live at the party. The guests as well as the bride could have their pleasing set of acrylic nails. I got the Kylie Jenner famous pink nails done for myself. I felt like a millionaire (lol).

Music for Feel 

The DJ Box was set to operate for 24 hours on clock. The songs ranged from Hindi to Latin. We believed diversity in the ceremony could lighten the mood. There was also a suggestion booth where the guests themself could drop in their favorite songs to be played. One of the guests, in their late 60s, suggested a 1970s Spanish song and we had tough time searching for the song. Later we allowed the guest itself sing for us. 

Live Orchestra 

The orchestra was the idea of my parents because they wanted to sing during the ceremony, but that did not disappoint us. We decided to notch it up by allowing the guests to have their turn in singing. The platform was set with drummer, pianist, violinist, and also traditional instrument experts. The guests went crazy over the live singing and played anthakshari (singing song as per the first alphabet). 

Groove Tent

It is not a “wow” factor to have the dance floor, but we rather created a tent out of the fabrics that contrasted with the bride. When the bride had her groove the backdrop made the moment look like it was straight out of the fairytale book. We had some little dancers among the toddlers too. It was cutesy and precious to watch. 


Kid’s Corner 

This was a bit risky compared to others as safety was the major factor. So we hired a temporary nanny for the occasion to ensure safety. The kid’s section had many physical games like the monkey bars (with sponge bed at bottom), swings, slides and many toddler friendly games too. The nanny at the end of the ceremony was in a trance I guess. 

The Unforeseen Fountain

Under my clever suggestion, we had a running chocolate fountain adjacent to the kid’s corner. When the kids were tired they would recharge by rolling the cookie stick in the fountain. Thank me later sister!!!!

The Machine with Magic Beans

Since we are talking about sweets, we also had a cotton candy machine. I think I was the most excited than the kids. The pastel colored cotton candy went well with the theme unknowingly. Even if you have a different theme, give this happy candy a try. It sure brings joy inside everyone passing by this machine. 

Photobooth for Stacking Memories

No event is complete without a selfie corner. The pool I talked about before comes handy here. A photobooth was installed near the pool with some props. Anyone who dared to take clicks had to use some of the daring props. It was like global warming under those strong lights but still it was a lot of fun. 


Oldies had their Time

Definitely we did not miss the elders. We had some old board games in place for them. Carroms, chess, snake and ladder and a game my grandfather suggested. I am not sure what it is called but it involved some toothpicks. My grandfather was an old chess master and so it was refreshing to see him beat the elders and the youngsters. 


Mystic was a Trend 

We had a psychic cum tarot card reader for the ceremony. Anyone who wanted their readings done could have it for free. I had mine done and lets just say it was eerily accurate. Have a tarot corner in your ceremony too, the fanatics likes some supernatural experience. 

Lie Detector Game

If you are familiar with the lie detector machine available in Amazon then you will understand what I am going to say. Though they are not accurate it is fun to play truth or dare with some scientific equipment. There were some laughable moments like the one where the couples had to answer yes or no to some daring questions or the time where the bride had the shock of her lifetime to know her name was not her real name (as I told you it was not accurate). 

Fruit Carving 

Since fruits are in season with tropical, we had an exotic fruit carving competition. This was incredibly messy but had the sweet punch to it. My father was so creative that he made a heart from a watermelon. But the star was my 8-year old cousin, who carved a realistic parrot from the pumpkin. These games are highly underrated that requires the praise it requires. 

Fiery Noodle Challenge

It was a trending Korean noodles challenge which no person could finish without tearing or drinking milk. We had many of our guests try out this challenge but none could beat my mother who loves spicy foods. It requires a lot of tissue papers and a gallon milk in stock for the aftermath of the game. It sounds easy and looks easy but trust me, it is way teary than you think.


Sweet Notes for the Bride


We decided to hang some small cards on the tree branches so that the guests can wish their blessings in the card. They was literally many who also gave sweet advices for the bride. After the ceremony we took the notes and put it in a bottle and gifted it to my sister during the wedding. These small gestures is what makes the day special. 

Arabic Mehendi 

Since my sister and I was born in the Gulf region, we decided to go for an Arabic design. We looked through the Google for the best artist to hire and at end found one. It was not only beautiful but also a walk down the memory lane for us. You can decide on the design you want and hire as per the requirements. 

The Ending Fairies

The idea of sending your guests away with gifts is stressful. I literally had to brainstorm for some creative gifts. At end we decided to custom make sunglasses for the guests to go with the theme. It was surprising how the guests loved it.


The pattern of change is in constant demand. We, as a family took an oath to make the day memorable and voila it was. From capturing the beautiful theme to funding for professionals, it was hectic. But the end result was nothing short of smiles and fun. These memories keep us alive all throughout our life.  

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